In this video Mike Tamburello, professor at Johns Hopkins University, will tell you why real estate investment is one of the best investment options in today's tough market.

BALTIMORE: An Undervalued Gem?

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Smart investors seek value. They assess a given asset in light of their overall portfolio of assets (i.e., stocks, bonds, real estate) and their desire for risk and commensurate returns and seek to find those investments that best meet their own unique needs. While no investment is foolproof or without risk, we believe select residential real estate in Baltimore presents attractive potential opportunities and should be seriously considered by savvy offshore investors.

Baltimore, or “Charm City” represents a unique blend of size (about 620,000 residents), location (close to Washington DC on the Chesapeake Bay and within the attractive, dynamic Boston-Washington corridor on the United States’ eastern coast), diversity (as to both citizenry and commercial base) and education and workforce (including the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University and a population that includes both specialized professionals and a hard working middle class, with a growing proportion of immigrants).

Known as “Charm City” for its historic, eclectic neighborhoods and cultural appeal, Baltimore is in the state of Maryland, a dynamic state perhaps best represented by the following statistics (Source MD-DBED):

  • First in the nation in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • First in education, for five years in a row
  • First in employed doctoral scientists and engineers per 100,000 residents
  • With the world-class Port of Baltimore within reach of millions of import buyers
  • Next door to Washington DC and three hours to NYC

With all the positive attributes of Maryland, it is fitting that Baltimore be considered as a strong potential location for real estate investment. In addition to its location and other attributes, Baltimore is affordable. While some consider only Baltimore’s East Coast “neighbors,” we believe that Baltimore deserves your consideration for your investment capital.

According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, The median 50th monthly Fair Market Rents (FMR –Section 8) for Baltimore MSA are as follows: One Bedroom - $1,001, Two Bedroom - $1,252, Three Bedroom - $1,599.

These rents compare quite favorably to other East Coast US cities. For example, HUD FMR rents for Miami, Florida MSA are as follows: One Bedroom - $910, Two Bedroom - $1,166, Three Bedroom - $1,600.

FMR figures for New York MSA are as follows: One Bedroom - $1,215, Two Bedroom - $1,440, Three Bedroom - $1,852. With median home values (2012 for respective cities) as follows: Baltimore - $150,100, Miami - $193,300, and New York - $478,400. While exact apple-to-apple comparisons are difficult, it appears that Baltimore’s rents compared to housing prices are very attractive. Could Baltimore be worth your attention relative to real estate investment opportunities? We are happy to work with you to understand you and your investment needs and propose some potential properties for your consideration.

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